Maritime Research

Having a keen interest in the sea and boats of all kinds, maritime research has become my speciality.  I will consider maritime enquiries of any kind but have assembled a list of areas in which I have specific knowledge:

  • Maritime Family HistoryIMG_0345 small
  • Individual Vessel Histories
  • Boat building
  • Emigrants and Convicts
  • Evacuation of Dunkirk 1940
  • Cruise Liners and Passengers
  • Shipwrecks
  • Models
  • Small vessels¬†
  • Ports of Southern England and Wales
  • Coastguard Records
  • Merchant Seamen
  • Royal Navy genealogy

For information concerning my charges please go to Research Fees.

To carry out this type of work, I largely access the National Maritime Museum library and manuscripts. However, I have also worked with individual boat owners to trace vessel histories or locate photographs. I have interviewed survivors from the past, or where there is no longer any one to talk to I have dredged information out of newspaper articles or company files. Lloyds Register of Shipping or Yachts is often a key starting point before progressing to material which may be less accessible. I can investigate craft from any age and have looked at historic documents concerning objects or people linked to the sea in an incredible variety of ways.