I will consider research enquiries of any kind, so it is always worth contacting me if you have a project you are looking to investigate further. This can be of any description and range in size from a day’s work to a contract of a much larger scale. If I can’t help you I will say so, but in most cases it is a question of consulting the records for each individual query to see what documents have survived. Not all research is met with success and sadly in some circumstances there is no longer anything to find. But without looking, it is impossible to guess what quantity of material concerning your subject is still around. People are often amazed at the extent of what can be uncovered.

For information concerning my charges and possible costs which are likely to be incurred in research please visit Research Fees.

If you have an initial enquiry, please email me at: hannahcunliffe@researchthepast.com with brief details and I will be glad to advise if I can.

For information relating to registered UK historic vessels and related projects, please go to National Historic Ships UK.

Please note I am currently on maternity leave and am unable to accept any new enquiries until further notice.