Research fees are at the basic rate of £30.00 per hour, with charges for travelling expenses where necessary.  I require a deposit of £60.00 for each project, to be paid before any work is carried out. This amount will then be deleted from the final bill, or if the total fee is less than this sum, the excess will be refunded.

Possible additional costs:

  • Photocopying/printing/postage at standard high street rates
  • Digital photography of original documents – £2.00 per CD-ROM – why not save money on photocopies and scans – order a digital image of an original document and have it emailed direct to your computer or mailed on a CD-ROM.  Only available at record offices that permit photography.  
  • Will reading £5.00 
  • Birth/marriage/death certificates £9.25

Consultancy is charged at a daily rate – further details on request.

Fees to be paid by cheque in either pounds sterling or other currency at the going exchange rate. Cheques made payable to Miss Hannah Cunliffe.  If paying in foreign currency, please add £8.00 to cover bank expenses.

Online payment by bank transfer or Paypal also accepted. Details for this are available on request. If paying by this method, Paypal standard bank charges will be deducted from your deposit. 

Please note, that although the best expertise will be used, the results of any research cannot be guaranteed. The researcher’s time input remains the same however, so fees must be paid regardless of the outcome.Consultancy day rates will be provided on request.