Family History

Although I will look at family history of any kind, the following are some areas in which I have specialised knowledge:

  • Merchant seamenJohn_&_Cunliffes-1small
  • Apprenticeship records
  • Emigrants and convicts
  • Coastguard records
  • Royal Navy genealogy
  • Evacuation of Dunkirk 1940 veterans
  • Liners and passengers
  • Ships your ancestors sailed on

I can also find important leads to build up the picture of your family history in the following ways:

  • Ordering birth/marriage/death certificates
  • Reading the census
  • Reading wills
  • Consulting parish registers
  • Records of maritime ancestors might be found amongst surviving passenger lists, log books, Register of seamen

 For information concerning my charges please go to Research Fees.

The majority of research enquiries I receive concern genealogy in some way. I have looked for records relating to ancestors in a repositories all over the UK – for more information, please see Record Offices.

I have been stared at for snooping round churchyards photographing graves and have been ushered into nursing homes to interview surviving family members who are only just alive to tell the tale of their history. Whether a hands-on search for family members, or a delve back of three centuries is required I am happy to track down your ancestors.